Commercial Services

Wokingham Aerials offer a complete design, installation and maintenance service providing Digital TV systems, Digital Aerials and TV cable networks for commercial customers including retail outlets, flats, offices, pubs, clubs, health clubs, hotels and caravan parks.

Whatever your digital TV requirements, Wokingham Aerials will provide sound advice and innovative solutions, as well as a professional installation and setup service that ensures you enjoy the benefits of Digital and HD TV.

With over 40 years’ experience in commercial TV and aerial installation, Wokingham Aerials are well versed in TV system management and design. We understand the complexities of large-scale commercial TV and aerial installations, and can meet the demands of today’s comprehensive systems. Using spectrum analyser equipment to plan the best possible cable layout, we ensure that our commercial TV and aerial installations will stand the test of time.

Our commercial aerial installation services can be broadly split into three areas, MATV, SMATV and IRS, but do get in touch for further information and our skilled team will be glad to offer thorough advice and assistance.

Commercial Installation

MATV (Master Antenna Television)

MATV allows multiple television points to run from one main aerial and head end amplifier. Users enjoy the five standard TV channels and the availability of DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) or Freeview through an integrated TV or set-top box.

SMATV (Satellite master antenna television)

Satellite master antenna television or SMATV is the same as the above but with the addition of selected locally modulated signals usually from a satellite but could be DTT or video recorders. This type of system is normally associated with hotels, hospitals and nursing homes etc.

IRS (integrated reception systems)

IRS (integrated reception systems) the ultimate package for the customer giving them complete control over how they choose to view the world of Digital Television. The system incorporates analogue and digital terrestrial television with DVB and Freeview, satellite(Sky) fitted in compliance with Sky Homes, FM and DAB. All new build projects are now advised to have the Sky+ fitting, this has 2 satellite feeds ran to the main outlet plate allowing all bases to be covered(SKY HD, SKY+ and standard SKY). Sky+ is now the most popular way for customers to enjoy digital television. Depending on the design the customers will also have a full IR(infa-red) TV Link capability throughout their new home.