DAB Radio

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and involve technologies that broadcast sound digitally across radio waves. This means that you can enjoy digital quality sound that’s hiss and crackle free.

DAB gives listeners a huge choice of radio entertainment. From rock to RnB, classical to country, trance to talk radio, for sports fans, news hounds, soul lovers and jazz buffs, in most areas you’ll get at least double the number of stations available on AM/FM. In some areas it’s even more!

Wokingham Aerials can easily install A DAB aerial to your property to enable you to start listening to some great music and information. All you need is the aerial and a DAB radio which you can buy from leading electrical retailers.

Purchase a DAB digital radio and you enter a new world of listening choice and sound quality. There’s something for everyone: rock, classical, RnB, soul, jazz, pop, talk radio, and much more.